My brother is now working @instrument

My brother Jason just started working for Instrument in Portland OR (which is pretty much the furthest away he could go without leaving the continental United States). He sent this picture last night .. they have a friggin teepee in their office. Yes, a teepee:


We’ve done some cool things in the Automattic Hawthorne office space, like inflate a weather balloon for sound reduction, created a t-shirt museum and had Google do a streetview of our interior. But we lack a teepee. Need this ASAP. ;)

“Fixing” a Belkin iPhone dock

I probably should have read more reviews before buying this Belkin iPhone dock, as it turns out, it won’t work if you have a case on the phone. The “Fits most phone cases” line item in the description is rubbish, the lightning cable leads aren’t long enough even for a very slim case.


I could have returned it, ranted on Twitter and left a bad review (which I still plan on doing) or perhaps just order something else, but it’s here. And I want to use it. So… powertools.

First order of business, take it apart to get at the cable:


This is the little bugger that’s causing problems, the flat edge of the cable is preventing a solid connection by millimeters.


An exacto blade would probably have done the trick, but I opted for a heavier-handed and much more rewarding option.


After a minute of cut, smoldering plastic flying around on my workbench and another minute to reassemble the dock, things are looking good. And yeah, that’s a small bit of metal exposed now. Think it was just for stability, multimeter doesn’t show any voltage across it.


Boom. Fixed. Charging.


Off to the next project.