Print isn’t dead yet

If the book is dead, nobody bothered to tell the folks at Capitol Hill Books in Washington, D.C. Books of every size, shape and genre occupy each square inch of the converted row house — including the bathroom — all arranged in an order discernible only to the mind of Jim Toole, the store’s endearingly grouchy owner.

He has banned several words from his store, including “awesome,” “perfect” and “Amazon.”

Nice writeup by NPR about a brick and mortar bookstore surviving in the digital age, where you can read on virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.

While I am a digital convert and take my Kindle just about everywhere, much of this article resonates with me, the feel of pages turning, the smell when you crack open a fresh copy or rereading an old classic. There really is something special about holding a real book in your hand.


A fisherman caught this guy on the Buckroe Pier. Earlier today he was in a tub waiting for the wildlife service folks to respond, sedate and remove the hook from his mouth. He (I assume it’s a he) doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy captivity…hopefully by now has been released into the water of VA Beach. Big fella, probably twice the length of my foot.