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And Netflix/iPhone arrives!

Just yesterday Netflix released their much awaited iPhone app (or I should say, Apple approved and published their app to the iTunes store). So far I’m pretty impressed with it. The application allows you to obviously browse your instant queue, watch whatever you like and resume where you left off should you change directions on […]

Uh, isn’t summer almost over? What’s the deal Netflix?

Back in June, movie rental giant Netflix promised an iPhone app this summer. So far, no app, no word. So, what’s the deal, summer is certainly coming to an end, and very soon. Apparently, in addition to not monitoring their official blog for spam, they’re also not commenting on the status of their iPhone app. […]

Fun with geek tool

Thanks again to LifeHacker, I’ve been playing around with Geek Tool. It’s a tool for OS X that can do a bunch of things, I’m using it to create some desktop widget type things. I got the code to display the current weather conditions from this post and decided to play around with adding some […]


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