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Fixing the Nook app for OSX

Although I usually read books on paper on the iPad, I downloaded the Nook app for OSX this evening.  Downloaded just fine, opened fine, but never made it past the splash screen. The animated “Nook” logo flashed across, froze, and sat there. For a long time. Restarted several times with the same result, even downloaded […]

OSX – Imaging an SD card for use on a Raspberry Pi

My new Pi and it’s memory card arrived at the house yesterday afternoon. I got everything unboxed, downloaded the latest image from the Pi website and fired up Disk Utility on my Mac and was ready to start imaging. But it’s not quite that simple, the Disk Utility can’t verify the image as being valid, […]

Raspberry Pi Model B on the way…

It’s been a good long while since I’ve written anything techie (or otherwise) here, been busy and lacked motivation.  Today I ordered my  Raspberry Pi Model B along with a Adafruit Pi Cobbler Breakout Kit and some other assorted goodies.  I’m pretty excited to get my hands on it, unfortunately the estimated delivery date is […]

Running pogoplug behind a squid proxy (ipcop)

So I’ve done a couple of articles about my new filesharing appliance the PogoPlug over the last year. Absolutely fantastic device, use it often remotely. One thing that I’ve been unable to get working so far was the native OS application. The application allows you to map a drive directly to the drives connected to […]

Munin plugins and system configuration..

Munin is a great open-source monitoring solution for servers. I’ve used it in the past and was really happy with the results, but when I was using it my server was just a little VPS and running the server and node on the same box caused some system resource issues. But now having colo equipment in the rack at DimeNOC I decided to give it another go.
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Installing Samba on your pogoplug

I know there are a bunch of articles online about installing samba on Pogoplug (or openpogo enabled) devices. I read quite a few of them and still ran into trouble installing it on my appliance so I though I’d do a quick write-up of how I got things rolling. First, you need to install the […]

New gadget: Pogoplug

After reading some reviews on Engadget and Gizmodo I broke down and purchased a PogoPlug from (they were on special for $47.99 at the time, $79 at the time of this writing). Pogoplug is an appliance that you can connect to your home network which runs a custom version of linux. The device has […]

And Netflix/iPhone arrives!

Just yesterday Netflix released their much awaited iPhone app (or I should say, Apple approved and published their app to the iTunes store). So far I’m pretty impressed with it. The application allows you to obviously browse your instant queue, watch whatever you like and resume where you left off should you change directions on […]

Uh, isn’t summer almost over? What’s the deal Netflix?

Back in June, movie rental giant Netflix promised an iPhone app this summer. So far, no app, no word. So, what’s the deal, summer is certainly coming to an end, and very soon. Apparently, in addition to not monitoring their official blog for spam, they’re also not commenting on the status of their iPhone app. […]

Fun with geek tool

Thanks again to LifeHacker, I’ve been playing around with Geek Tool. It’s a tool for OS X that can do a bunch of things, I’m using it to create some desktop widget type things. I got the code to display the current weather conditions from this post and decided to play around with adding some […]

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